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Kristin Sinclair

Kristin Yogasmall

Kristin Sinclair was 27 years old when she was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in March, 2012. With her diagnosis, Kristin’s world shifted out from under her.
As a program coordinator for a Boston non-profit organization, Kristin was constantly working in the Boston Public School system, helping children and adult volunteers to develop a love for reading and storytelling. As a side effect of her treatment, Kristin found it increasingly difficult to maintain the energy needed to travel between schools and engage with children. However, with the support of her boss, Julie Burleigh, Kristin managed to strike a balance that allowed her to work part-time while undergoing and recuperating from her treatments.

Kristin also found it difficult to maintain her yoga practice, a weekly ritual she had nurtured, and which nurtured her, for years. After completing chemotherapy and in preparation for a mastectomy, Kristin wanted to return to her yoga practice to build strength, regain flexibility, and steady her mind. However, Kristin did not feel comfortable taking a traditional yoga class anymore. Her energy level and strength couldn’t carry her through a typical class and she was uncertain of the different adaptations and variations of poses available to her.

Thankfully, Kristin met Jamie Villanueva, a Boston yoga instructor, who worked with her in one-on-one private classes to develop her strength, flexibility, and most importantly, her confidence in herself and her body. After her mastectomy, Kristin continued working with Jamie and in November, 2012, she enrolled in a Fluid Yoga teacher training.

In January, 2013, Kristin founded bodhi & mind yoga. Kristin’s dream was to share her love and the benefits of yoga and meditation with other women who were going through the same struggle she was.
Unfortunately, Kristin’s cancer recurred in March, 2013 and she passed away on May 25, 2013. She was 28 years old.