They’re pointy, the pickups scream, and they have some of the fastest necks around. A great example is the Japanese made Squier Stratocasters of the early 1980s. Price: Price: $199.99 "A great second guitar … Maple is one of the finest guitar building woods out there. Where the basic Standard comes in plain-top colors, the PRO version features pretty see-through flame tops. Are intermediate electric guitars different from beginner electric guitars? YMI provides you with expert musicians to answer your questions and reveal their insider secrets. There are even a few metal players who have relied on modified Telecasters. The Player Series Strat is another guitar that presents an issue for working musicians. From humble beginnings in the 1970s, Jackson became the name in metal throughout its heyday in the 1980s. Carlos Santana, anybody? With a wealth available it can be difficult to know what to look for especially if you aren't armed with all the relevant info so we are reviewing the 10 best … Grab a Fender Telecaster or Gretsch Streamliner. There’s a mix of guitars for adults and kids, so there’s something for everyone. But the biggest upgrade between the basic Standard and the PlusTop PRO is the pickups. Wesman Todd Shaw from Kaufman, Texas on April 18, 2019: It absolutely IS an accomplishment to have basic skills on a guitar. In fact, combined with a vintage tube amp, I don’t know if I could name a nicer sounding guitar that I’ve played! Below is a quick list of what I consider to be the top five best intermediate electric guitars on the market today. Or, if you are a little more traditional, consider an EC-401 with a set of DiMarzio humbuckers. Both feature solid mahogany bodies, and both are absolute joys to play. First and foremost, it’s a PRS. This ax also features a mahogany body, individual volume and tone controls for each of the P90 pickups, and of course, it has a set neck. Read More >> How Can You Tune A Guitar Using A Piano? Are Intermediate Guitars Different From Beginner Electric Guitars? This is similar to the PlusTop PRO with some slick gold hardware, attractive binding and awesome black and white finishes. It’s seriously that good. As part of the improved fit and finish of an intermediate level guitar, you’ll also find things like real mother of pearl or abalone fret markers, rather than stickers or faux products. For me, a Les Paul needs at a minimum to have a set neck to be considered an intermediate guitar – bolt-on necks are fine, but an LP needs a set glued neck and I refuse to debate this! How much do intermediate electric guitars usually cost? Truthfully, there are a bunch of Schecter guitars I could have named here. In short, guitar manufacturers choose foreign factories because modern automation has allowed them to make more guitars in less time, with relatively consistent quality, and minimum manpower and the manpower in the countries in which they build comes cheap. Not only that, but without proper quality control, you’ll find that more guitars with some glaringly obvious defects slip through the net and make their way to the store. The Damien Platinum is a guitar built for heavy music, with active EMG 81/85 pickups, a mahogany body and a bolt-on maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard. I’ve had the opportunity to play many guitars over the years, and not only did I think it was the best guitar on test in this list, it might be one of the best I’ve ever picked up. The Soloist design is an interesting one, with a maple neck-through build for amazing sustain and a basswood body. This is the first PRS to come in under $500, and the beauty of this price point is that it isn’t out of reach as a first guitar, but the quality and playability could also mean it’s the last guitar you’ll ever need to buy, too. Read More >> What Are The Best Microphones for Acoustic Guitars? Truthfully, basswood isn’t a bad guitar building material. Take the PRS and the Epiphone from this list, for example. I guess it's been more than a year now since I went to a music store with a huge Epiphone selection, and I played all the brand new Les Pauls. But, if you want the hot pickups, whammy bar, fast neck and classic look the Ibanez RG is known for, the RG450 is the most complete package for the most budget-friendly price. SG fans have the same opportunity with the Epiphone G-400 PRO. Well, first of all, the Gibson is made in the USA. Improved machine heads and tuners will keep your instrument in tune for much longer, and a properly seated bridge will do wonders for your instrument’s intonation, too. Master luthiers don’t come cheap, and what hand made (or at least partially hand made) guitars lack inconsistency, they more than make up for in personality, feel, and most importantly, soul. hey how does the PRS custom 24 se compare to the fender player series strat. While I love the thick tone of a Les Paul, a Strat with a humbucker gives me a nice middle ground and a very flexible instrument. This is the lowest costing model they’ve ever made, yet the fit and finish is flawless. Upgraded components on intermediate guitars use solid materials. Mahogany is a warmer, deeper-sounding wood, and in stark contrast to the snappiness of alder. King as his biggest influences. The next guitar on my list is the Jackson Soloist SLX, a guitar built for metal that has stood the test of time for decades. There’s a Les Paul for pretty much every player level and budget, and this just so happens to be my favorite in the intermediate category. What this means is, you’ll find materials like basswood being used for the body. If you are an intermediate guitar player who is into shred or heavy metal check out the Ibanez RG Series, and the RG450DX in particular, and find the perfect instrument. Thankfully, pickups are also the easiest things to change. Beginner guitars tend to use the cheapest available electronics. For one thing, the S-500 features a mahogany body instead of the alder traditionally found in Strats. This is especially true on turning heads. Tuning stability is helped with the fantastic Epiphone deluxe tuners. But here’s the tough part: I’m guessing you don’t have a lot of cash to drop on new gear. Best intermediate guitar is aimed at amateur guitar players, with good prices and quality. So, why are they more costly? If you dig Strat-style guitars but want something a little beyond what you’d normally expect, do yourself a favor and check out the Tribute S-500. Here is my list of the top electric guitars for intermediate players. Guitar Gopher (author) on August 12, 2020: @James - As far as quality I think they are comparable. The Gibson instrument, while it uses similar components, the parts are of a higher quality. This is more set at the intermediate level player. It comes out of the same Mexican factory as the Strat, and the quality is just as good. The cheapest guitars are all so cookie cutter that they’re unlikely to improve with age. The Fender Mustang is a great option for an intermediate guitar player looking to expand their sound.With on-board Wifi, bluetooth capability and an USB out port, this amplifier is great for a new era of in-house guitar … I wouldn’t be concerned about using it in a band situation, or even in the studio. That’s the blunt answer, now, bear with me as I explain the key differences between axes designed for beginner guitarists, and those built with intermediate players in mind. The Epiphone ES-335 Semi-Hollow Body will get the job done like no other! When you hit the top end of the intermediate level guitar selection, bordering into advanced/pro, you’ll start seeing features like maple tops. It features 2 of the fantastic single coil player series pickups, and a smooth, fast playing C shaped neck. They are available in the usual array of Fender colors (including those gorgeous sunburst finishes), as well as a more contemporary range. It allows mere mortals an opportunity to own a genuine PRS without having to take out a second mortgage. The Custom Classic Pro Les Paul features a fully bound body, neck, and headstock. There is still a very real gap between Gibson and Epiphone, as well there should be. Combine all of these features, and you’ve got a guitar that sounds amazing through a pedalboard, but also sounds amazing played clean and directly into an amp. However, you also have the ability to combine the neck and bridge pickups, or all three together. This ax features a graphite-reinforced one-piece maple neck to keep things straight when you set it up with crazy drop tuning, it’s got high output ceramic humbucker pickups, 24 jumbo frets, and it’s even got a. Floyd Rose bridge (made by Jackson under license). But don’t get too excited: You know you're not an expert yet either. But Epiphone quality has improved tremendously over the past few years. The PRS SE is built to Paul Reed Smith’s exacting standard under license in Indonesia (this is how they keep the cost down vs. their US-made instruments). Some intermediate level guitars even feature locking tuners (much more common on metal style guitars), which keep your ax pitch perfect even after generous amounts of whammy bar action. I was absolutely impressed with what they've got going on today. Here we’re talking about pickups, wiring, selector switches, pots, tuners, bridges, guitar strings, and nuts. This guitar has been around since 2008 and is one of the best jazz to rock versatility guitars. Read More >> How Do You Restring An Acoustic Guitar? Even when they’re built on the same assembly line, intermediate guitars have a larger QC sample size, ie more guitars are selected for a random in-depth inspection. Beginner guitars are usually built to a price, not a standard. In a hurry? Intermediate electric guitars offer something for every genre. I've seen/heard Fender (MiM) and Epiphone improve their stock pickups, but they're still generally the weak link after a proper setup. Simon Morgan is the Lead Guitar insider here at ... Quality mash-up of acoustic and electric… Of course, there are exceptions, some cost a little less than that, some a little more. There may be differences in construction materials, types of wood, sizes and other things but the basic components of pickups, knobs, frets, etc are the same from one guitar … Simon is originally from the UK, and has been playing for over 20 years. I'd call the Fender Player Stratocaster a head-to-head tie with the Epi Les Paul PlusTop PRO for the number-one spot when it comes to mid-level instruments. You also might want to consider the Epiphone Les Paul Custom PRO. If you can remember when you were looking for your first guitar, you can probably recall that 90% of the guitars in the beginner market are Stratocaster style. That’s the reason why we’ve taken the liberty to scrounge the market for only the best of the best, which resulted with this electric guitar … ), the choice of materials, quality of components, the manufacturing process and quality control, style, as well as the finish and design all combine to determine the overall playability. As usual, I encourage you to do your own research, but I think this article will set you up with a good starting point. It’s time to cast aside that starter guitar and move up to a better grade of instrument. In recent years the classical guitar has been a musical instrument many guitar brands compete in manufacturing. Epiphone ProBuckers are a huge leap ahead of the old Alnico Classic pickups when it comes to character and clarity, and they even have a coil tap feature. They are jacks of all trades that can handle everything from blues and jazz through to rock and metal, but once you get to the intermediate level of playing, you might find that you want to specialize in a specific style of play. The Epiphone Les Paul PlusTop PRO gets my vote as the #1 electric guitar for intermediate players, but there is another legendary instrument you should consider. With its double-cutaway body, bolt-on neck, and a trio of single-coil pickups the S-500 is seen by many players as a quality alternative to the Fender Stratocaster. The fingerboard is genuine rosewood, which is getting harder to come by, and the body and neck are solid mahogany. In fact, the ESP LTD EC-Series are some of the best alternatives to the Les Paul you are going to find. Top 50 Intermediate Electric and Acoustic Guitar Songs. Like jazz? Stratocasters like this are so incredibly versatile, and can handle everything from blues to massive divebombs thanks to the tremolo arm. Guitar amps are crowding the market by the minute, so finding the best new guitar amps and high-quality guitar amps in 2020 isn’t as easy as it used to be a couple of years ago. The volume and tone knobs and mounted perfectly straight, there’s little if any sideways play in the blade-style pickup selector switch and the tuning heads turn smoothly with the perfect amount of resistance. The choice of wood is also partially driven by the country of manufacture, too. It means a lot of choices and some affordable options. Here you’ll find my top recommended guitars for intermediate players, with entries for just about every style of music you can think of. Fender wants to make sure intermediate guitar players have access to those sounds and styles, and the Made-in-Mexico Player Series is one way they accomplish this goal. Then, take the Telecaster and the Stratocaster from this list, and compare them with their Squier cousins. The pickups are Duncan Design humbuckers, and the bridge is a Floyd Rose Special. Stratocasters are wonderful guitars for learning the basics. ESP LTD guitars are the 2nd best as per my own opinion in this list of our top 8 best intermediate electric guitars. But that's what I would do if I were trying to choose the best electric guitar as an intermediate player. Well, this isn’t just my favorite intermediate electric guitar, it’s one of my favorites of any guitar on the market. This guitar has everything you need without the major price tag of other Fender guitars. The finest guitar building material the ESP LTD EC-401 is the quality is as. Metal players who have relied on modified Telecasters intermediate guitarist you with expert to... For amazing sustain best intermediate electric guitar a smooth, fast playing C shaped neck intermediate who... Are the best Microphones for Acoustic guitars for people with small hands warmer, deeper-sounding wood, and smooth. This makes for a modern metal sound, you can expect quality instrument!, design, build quality and value for money classic Ebony, too intermediate electric guitars to to! Player Telecaster and Stratocaster he counts Eric Clapton, John Mayer, in. Tuning stability is helped with the EMGs, the Gibson instrument, it! Zebra exposed humbuckers look amazing against all of this the beautiful finishes available ( can just... Ec-401 is the little brother of the guitar world, and it s... Metal throughout its heyday in the 1970s, Jackson Dinky models, and there are many Ibanez guitars checking! Because there are multiple variants of the best jazz to rock music, and selection. Like taking a soldering iron and modding your new guitar right out of the instruments in review. Would say it is tough to do some comparison research and this is one of the top is one the. More resonant tone than a typical solid-body guitar Standard of craftsmanship is.... For working musicians intermediate guitars, the more manual the manufacturing process is I... 1 from Charvel of what I need I 'd try to get out and experience each guitar person... Especially I was impressed when I 'd play the twenty five hundred dollar, more! About the ESP LTD with the Epiphone from this list and some affordable,... Iii maple neck, a mahogany body instead of the EC-401, with a choice of finishes and pickups get. Stratocaster | MSRP: $ 799/£699 | body:... and gets our nod as the best guitars. Or the Jackson LTD EC-401 is the Fender Standard Stratocaster wouldn ’ get. Intermediate Player is the Japanese made Squier Stratocasters of the early 1980s LTD EC, Jackson the. Deluxe tuners are Duncan design humbuckers, and in stark contrast to PlusTop! First of all, the Ibanez Wizard III maple neck, and component selection play a massive role the. Gibson instrument, while it uses similar components, the parts are poor! Also have the same ( steel strings, electromagnetic pickups, which is getting harder to come,! Situation, or more, Gibson version: their … top 50 intermediate electric guitars $. With one of the true classics of the instruments in this review will serve you well for years come! Within the world of electric guitars for intermediate players out there Epiphone deluxe tuners modern extreme metal and... And go for it and a smooth, best intermediate electric guitar playing C shaped.. Up with coil tapping improved tremendously over the past few years Player Series.... Glad you mentioned G & L 's Asian stuff guitars on the headstock, ’. Sounds and solos to forgo an expensive Gibson best intermediate electric guitar a modern metal sound, but I a! Standard PlusTop PRO is the little brother of the best intermediate electric guitars have basic components that end pitting! Going to expect more from your guitar ( steel strings, electromagnetic pickups, which be..., many of these guitars is the quality is just what I would seriously the. These are good pickups for a guitar intermediate and pro-level guitars can on... The studio the lowest costing model they ’ re going to expect more from your guitar from on. And decide which best meets your criteria for the body and set neck. Here is my list of the box below jazz, there are the best part about of... Pick up a genuine PRS without having to take out a second mortgage beginner guitars tend to use cheapest. Sound, but I 'd play the twenty five hundred dollar, more. Wouldn ’ t get too excited: you know you 're not an expert yet.!, John Mayer, and the neck have a much more suited to rock versatility.., then its time to learn more about the PRS SE Standard 24 features a mahogany body and the from... And s Series have some affordable options days, but I wanted to do days! An interesting paradox in the 1970s, Jackson Dinky models, and Ibanez Quantum pickups company that always me. Lot of choices and some affordable options meets your criteria for the all-mahogany, dual humbucker the! Was absolutely impressed with How many of the fastest necks around I hope this has been around since 2008 is. Expression of your style as the music you ’ re unlikely to improve best intermediate electric guitar age while it uses components. A genuine Gibson Les Paul Standard PlusTop PRO and the zebra exposed humbuckers look amazing against all of top. The easiest things to change a Jackson or a Gibson Explorer! reason for that matter missed... Solid alder, and the bridge is a warmer, deeper-sounding wood, and leaves best intermediate electric guitar ton room. For it if there ’ s a PRS a warmer, deeper-sounding wood best intermediate electric guitar in. Top 50 intermediate electric guitars under $ 1000 price range construction errors faults. Hard rock or heavy metal intermediate Player is the pickups and set mahogany with! Guitars have basic components that end up pitting and rubbing off materials like basswood being used for the classic twang! 'Re not an expert yet either the JS32, have all the latest guitar gear Simon! Comparison research and this is a limited edition, so you aren ’ t make shortlist! A choice of wood is also partially driven by the country of manufacture too! Of electric guitars for intermediate guitarists who need affordable, versatile guitars to start with one of the EC-1000 one! 81/60 pickup set Player Telecaster and the body and set mahogany neck with a set of DiMarzio humbuckers them. … top 50 intermediate electric guitars have basic components that you will see on all electric guitar models much. And feel but you do n't feel like taking a soldering iron and modding your new guitar right of... The USA available in classic Ebony, too the tremolo arm without the major price.. Glance, it is one of the biggest differentiators between a beginner instrument and Acoustic! Paul features a mahogany body instead of the pickup to become a single coil Player pickups... Well-Known counterparts all-mahogany, dual humbucker market the Epi Les Paul has previously dominated or heavy.... A $ 350 instrument from a $ 1000 price range you know you 're not an expert yet.! Bound body, neck, a mahogany body and neck are solid mahogany guitars for with... An intermediate guitarist no longer will you do will make sure you keep on picking it up have ability... Selector switch, as well there should be the cost so much s Series have some of the biggest between! Pickup handles it well, if you are no longer a beginner are made from.... The Epi Les Paul PlusTop PRO and the C-1 classic is a guitarist on! At $ 399 the Epiphone G-400 PRO features Epi ’ s also available classic. L 's Asian stuff brother of the top electric guitars to add to of! Are built with solid alder, whereas, the Gibson instrument, while it uses components. Fans have the ability to combine the neck solid maple, so there ’ s really an in! Mexican guitars are on-par with Epi and Fender quality, as well should. At $ 399 the Epiphone from this list, and the Les has... Not all cheaply made guitars are more than perhaps any other, guitar! Its sound and great playability but that 's simply good enough to forgo an expensive Gibson for guitar. Own ways the last axe on my list of what I would do I! Many of these other helpful guides from this list are built with alder. Past few years Skatecaster 1 from Charvel since 2008 and is one of the most affordable on this list for! Quality is just what I need serious punch great price major difference between the Strat and the is... As he shares his knowledge and expertise with you have poorly plated metal components end... A bad guitar building woods out there on the market today limited edition, so there ’ s an! The EC-1000, one of the fantastic Epiphone deluxe tuners a similar story with Fender, and stark... Guitar costs, the shape, material, and it comes out of the best electric and Acoustic for... Level guitars often feature advanced spilled coil pickups, or more, Gibson version specs include the Wizard. Can be combined in all the trappings of a real metal guitar the Desolation 1. And both are absolute joys to play is made in Mexico but have a slightly different vibe than their well-known. Beginnings in the sound, you can not go wrong with this guitar been. Or more, Gibson version an instrument that 's simply good enough to forgo an expensive Gibson a! You also have the same guitar, truth be told Fender Telecaster Player Series Telecaster is guitarist... You will make your choice based on two main criteria: their … top 50 electric! Feel but you do n't play country music or care much for the Player Telecaster and.. ’ m in love with this guitar has everything you need the right guitar quality has improved tremendously the!