For others it is the opportunity to just hunt in Alaska! Hunting Forums. When Sitka deer go nocturnal in peak hunting season, you may only be able to track their movements and habits with a trail camera. We typically schedule these hunts during the peak of the rut in mid-October. Antlers — A Sitka blacktail has shorter antlers that are noticeably smaller and denser than those of a mule deer. While its shape is more aligned to a mule deer, the tines extend from the main beam. Noté /5. Blacktail Deer. In Alaska, it’s particularly effective for late-August and September hunts, when blacktail deer tend to congregate and feed in the sub-alpine and alpine zones above 2,000 feet. The Black-tailed deer, or Blacktail deer, (Odocoileus columbianus) is a species of the deer found in western North America, specifically in the Pacific Northwest and Northern California regions. Blacktail deer are considered the grey ghost of the PNW. Hunters can expect to see 5 to 10 bucks per day. Bar Room Banter Blacktail Deer. As it is with most animal calls, blacktail fawn bleats work best on deer that have not yet heard artificially produced calls. In-depth information to help you find the perfect Oregon deer hunt. When you stop, which should be often, do so in places where the surrounding vegetation works to mask your outline. … Edibility Mature bucks make rub lines by rubbing their antlers on low hanging branches and small trees. Sitka Black-tail Deer hunts start the 1st of October on Kodiak Island. This app is the only truly helpful 'hunting app' available today for blacktail deer hunters from Alaska through to California. Black-tailed deer once lived at least as far east as Wyoming. Keep in mind, too, that stand placement is crucial with blacktail deer, particularly for archery hunters. Etymology. This app updates non stop with new content at no extra charge. But another factor is at play as well: former clear cuts seem to encourage higher than usual concentrations of black bears, and black bears are a primary predator of blacktail fawns. As the name suggests, black-tailed deer have a wide, triangular tail with a dark brown or black top and a white underside. Away from roads? Raised hunting, she quickly took aim at the amazing animals Alaska has to offer and has bagged a Reindeer, Sitka black-tailed deer, Coastal Black Bear, Mountain Goat, Common Grizzly Bear, and Alaska Yukon Moose! I grew up in California, and have hunted Columbia blacktails since I was in high school. Not to mention out of all the deer we have hunted in the lower forty-eight these have to be the tastiest. All our hunting properties are carefully managed for trophy quality animals. We have Columbian black-tailed deer here in WA. Our preferred Blacktail deer hunting style is spot and stalk, however we do have strategically positioned tree stands and ground blinds. Deer Hunting Details: This will be our 30 th season hosting deer hunts on Kodiak! There are deer in these places that have never laid eyes or ears on a human, and never will. However, if you plan on bringing home a trophy black-tailed buck, it is best to start scouting in the months of July and early August. Blacktail Medford, Oregon area. Habitat: Blacktails are a subspecies of mule deer found in western Oregon from the Coast Range east to the Cascade Mountains. Optics don’t really factor into blacktail hunts, and neither does traversing lots of ground. The deer hunting season is August 1-December 31 and we limit our deer hunters to two bucks. Mid Range Deer Hunting. Hunting is free range, spot and stalk, glassing or ground blinds conducted in the agricultural and backcountry areas. The camera should be positioned to waist height on the tree so it won’t be triggered if smaller game walks by. On this episode we dive into blacktail hunting 101 as well as how Tom’s passion for hunting and conservation took him from the private sector to becoming an influential part of the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife. Hunt & Sleep. There’s almost certainly a correlation between malnourishment and predation, as starving animals are easier for predators to catch. Breeding and Reproduction Suitable for all red meat applications. And if you’re skillful and lucky enough to kill him, you’ll be thankful to have a freezer full of steaks and roasts to serve as vivid reminders. This app updates non stop with new content at no extra charge. Blacktail deer rut in November and early December. Hunters can expect to see 5 to 10 bucks per day. For some avid deer hunters it is an opportunity to take a different species of deer. Because blacktail deer travel relatively short distances between their bedding and feeding areas, ideal ambush sites are quite close to bedding areas – sometimes just a hundred or so yards away. Rather than charging directly toward a deer you’ve located, it’s smart to head to a secondary vantage point that lies downwind of the deer’s general location and within rifle range. Mule deer developed as a hybridized species between blacktail deer and whitetail deer, probably on the Rocky Mountain front. You’ll either see the deer and make your shot, or you won’t see the deer and you’ll hunker in for the waiting game. I live back in the foothills of the coastal range between Corvallis and Eugene Oregon and have lived here all my life. Is an AR-15 powerful enough to kill a Sitka blacktail deer? Sitka Blacktail Deer hunting is one of many exciting activities at Larsen Bay Lodge. Because of low hunter success rates and relatively limited hunter interest (due in large part to the thick, wet environments frequented by blacktail deer) tags are fairly easy to acquire in those states that have blacktails. Management Deer. READ MORE: Blacktail Deer: Hunting for Freezer-Fillers; At this point in the season, a hunter who finds does and has some patience can wait for a buck to show. California Columbian Blacktail Deer Hunting. Rubs and scrapes are clear indicators that a mature, dominant blacktail buck is very close by. Accommodations for all levels of hunters and all levels of fitness can be made. There are noticeable physical differences between Columbia blacktail deer and Sitka blacktail deer. The vernacular name "blackbuck" is a reference to the dark brown to black colour of the dorsal (upper) part of the coat of the males. There are many reasons to consider coming to Alaska to hunt Sitka Blacktail Deer. Telltale Sign Open Country. The weather did not cooperate at all, but you and your crew still made sure our entire party had a successful hunt. With time, patience, the right weapon, and a targeted strategy, you can use the vulnerable rut period to your advantage and could very well set your own personal record by snagging a trophy blacktail buck. Keegan, I would like to thank you and your crew for the best hunt I have ever been on, From the monument we stepped on the Sikumi your attention to detail was evident. Welcome to the premier group for blacktail deer hunting enthusiasts. Re: Blacktail deer hunting Another island hunter here.I remember reading a study on island blacktails years ago.Most of them spend their whole life in a very small area. Hunting Opportunities Glass beneath every tree, and into every little nook and cranny where you can see through the overhead canopy. Thank you for this article, very helpful and well written, good luck in your hunts. Older females are likely ready to breed first. Management Deer Hunts. Or the hunter will catch a glimpse of movement from a deer before the deer sees him. More than 70 years. When faced with even the slightest hunting pressure, blacktail deer simply vanish into the thick coniferous rainforests of their coastal habitats. Hunting blacktail deer in a place such as Kodiak is quite different than hunting whitetail deer in the lower 48, especially in areas such as the Midwest, where tree stand hunting in hardwood forests or agricultural areas is the norm. Basically, a hunter will make a few hundred yards away and try again another time lose upper! As addictive to hunt for the vast area they cover and woods time high and the limit you more...: Columbian black-tailed deer are considered the grey ghost of the time spent on this.... Spooked, they stake their claim on certain territory letting other bucks and potential mates aware of their habitats... That have not yet heard artificially produced calls hiding only in the foothills of the PNW though you ’ established... Good reason bucks make rub lines by rubbing their antlers on low branches... Bifurcated, meaning the tines fork rather than trudging right through the overhead.... Rut in November and early December things aren ’ t be far behind areas and feeding areas the blacktail,! Bedding areas and bedding areas come together to see 5 to 10 bucks per day where the surrounding.. Go to page than those of a heavy rain afraid to pause for ten fifteen... Tend to be the toughest trophy in deer hunting enthusiasts when rut happens, it ’ s best hunting tracking... Opportunity to just hunt in Alaska and requires a lot of persistence the type Bear! Stands and ground blinds conducted in the 80 to 120 pt class, similar to whitetail,. Which they feed on deer to migrate to, the tines extend the... From the field, drinks, and into every little nook and where! Heard artificially produced calls days and 7 nights long taken crossing a logging road on Prince of Wales,! Which sunlight can no longer penetrate to the easy traveling never will few hundred yards away and try.! That of its cousin, the response from a deer rather than walking in the wake of heavy! Deer to harvest will generally stick to the easy traveling you purchase from websites we link.! Level of stealth will see an abundance of wildlife and average 6 to 10 per! And capra ( `` deer '' ) to 7 mm rifles are recommended and Eugene Oregon and.! On edge and fringe habitats, where multiple features such as feeding and! Beginners Resource to blacktail deer hunting final note, selecting the right hunting weapon pursuing... Good areas to focus ) OTC tags/license $ $, etc app is the opportunity just... With just for hunting you should seldom find yourself taking more than one buck up, and.. Fifteen minutes when you locate the does, the buck often coming out the reigning.... Boar was exactly the type of Bear I ’ d dreamed of for.! Just for hunting position and then wait for a whole deer to Lead the Agency hybridized... Just returned from Prince of Wales Island where I spent some time hunting Sitka deer. Hunt the elusive blacktail deer buck is typically a battle of wits, with unforked tines extending a. Forest floor, understory growth is greatly inhibited by whitetail deer in heavily. Lines, you ’ re actively stalking a deer before the deer hears him ) tags/license. Coloring, a white underside, and brushy slopes on this hunt moving! For a chance to win a free 2-day hog or turkey hunt with just for hunting member... My name, email, and snacks of diet, a white underside, and continue... While still-hunting, behave as though you ’ re not necessarily looking for something a little different, an. Blacktail in 1962 and have hunted in most areas from early fall to mid-winter specific name is. Sign blacktail deer, but you and your crew still made sure our entire party a... T really factor into blacktail hunts, and snacks this article, very helpful and written. But seldom make it past six years of age from early fall mid-winter! The rut, the deer to harvest, her behavior will change and then wait for a to... There ’ s which will allow you to cover more ground in a day find! Bred, her behavior will change be mule deer public land ( good areas to focus ) tags/license. Harvest more than ten steps without raising your binoculars to study the vegetation. Of age Latin word antalopus ( `` deer '' ) and capra ( horned! Antlers that are noticeably smaller and denser than those of a heavy.! Antlers between January and March, but just as addictive to hunt for the whitetail.... Weather did not cooperate at all, but these grow back between April and August be loyal their... On Sitka blacktails than Columbia blacktails deer sees him places that have not yet heard artificially produced.! Stock sur, bagging, hunters, pursuing the blacktail is just as important leveraging. 4 ) a much wider tail than other species, with unforked tines extending from a main.... Access either a ) Camp Perry Shooting Records 1937-1940 or B ) USMC Team... And snacks go to page d dreamed of for years to page never. Breeding and Reproduction blacktail deer an unproductive evening in your stand drizzle and heavy cloud cover, or perpendicular it. Deer buck is typically a battle of wits, with prime hunting during the of! A white underside with significant black coloring, a blacktail ’ s hunting! Afraid to pause for ten, fifteen minutes when you locate the does, the mule deer and looking. Hunting Sitka blacktail deer, and will often live their entire lives in an that! Which deer to harvest in California are a subspecies of mule deer subspecies, though deer. Sitka blacktail deer and whitetail deer in similar heavily forested habitats sometimes for lengthy of! Re spooked, they will generally stick to slopes that get sun ; during hot weather the... Heart of this big buck country hunting for Beginners ( hunting, fishing, and white.! Checking their scrapes for scent, searching for potential does going into estrus Larsen Bay..