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bodhi & mind yoga’s cancer-informed teacher training provides Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teachers with the background knowledge and practice techniques necessary to comfortably and safely work with women in any stage of breast cancer treatment and recovery.

Training begins with an in-depth look at the physiology of breast cancer, including formation, metastasis, and clinical staging of cancerous tumors. We then review typical treatment options and their accompanying side-effects; focusing primarily on chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery, and common reconstructive procedures. The remainder of our training focuses on using this background information to tailor your teaching to the individual and unique needs of a breast cancer survivor.

Participants learn the basics of sequencing and create classes that appropriately balance pranayama, meditation, and physical asana in a way that facilitates the healing process and meets the unique needs of their students. We explore a variety of breathing flows that help calm the nervous system, maintain lung volume, minimize anxiety and which can be used in conjunction with meditation and yoga nidra to provide deep relaxation and mental clarity. Participants also learn to be comfortable and creative while using an assortment of props including chairs, blocks, bolsters, straps and blankets. We emphasize hands-on experience to develop a supportive and comfortable foundation for a mindful restorative yoga practice. Our goal is to ensure instructors are comfortable leading, adjusting, and assisting a practice that accommodates any degree of movement, from a vigorous vinyasa flow to a relaxing yoga nidra.

Participants can also expect to be led by guest instructors who enrich the learning experience. Past guest instructors have included a social worker, oncologist, breast surgeon, and massage therapist.

At the end of the training, participants have the option to become a bodhi & mind yoga instructor. bodhi & mind yoga instructors are paired with a breast cancer survivor for eight-week sessions of weekly one-on-one yoga and meditation practice. Instructors are compensated for each session and become part of a larger support community. Instructors have access to social work support, community building, and bodhi & mind yoga events.

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